Ian Spencer, PhD

Staff Research Scientist

Phone: (415) 734-2809
Fax: (415) 355-0141
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More about Dr. Spencer

Dr. Spencer studies how the heart controls its beating rhythm as well as diseases that affect the heart’s electrical activity.  Certain arrhythmic disorders alter the transport of calcium ions — positively charged molecules of calcium — in and between heart cells or are caused by mutations in proteins that maintain the appropriate balance of ions inside and outside the cell. Dr. Spencer uses microelectrodes attached to individual cells to examine changes in ion concentrations in the cell and how they contribute to heart beats. He has experience in both academic and industrial research and in discovering new drugs and developing instruments to facilitate drug discovery.

Dr. Spencer received his PhD in Physical Biochemistry from the National Institute for Medical Research in London.  Prior to joining Gladstone in 2010, Dr. Spencer was a senior applications scientist at Fluxion Biosciences in South San Francisco where, as part of the IonFluxTM team, he helped to develop and commercialize a new type of automated electrophysiology platform.  Dr. Spencer has received several research funding awards and has published numerous scientific papers on heart rhythm.