Gladstone Institutes Completes its First Fundraising Campaign

More than $35 million raised in 5 years

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—February 8, 2010—The J. David Gladstone Institutes has announced the completion of its first fundraising campaign. The independent biomedical research organization, located at Mission Bay, said it had exceeded its goal of $35 million, despite tough economic times. The funding supports research in the areas of cardiovascular disease, HIV and immunological disease, and Alzheimer's and related neurological diseases.

“Gladstone is a unique organization, on the cutting edge of discoveries that will end some of the most challenging diseases of our time,” said William S. Price III, chairman of Gladstone's advisory council and major donor. “Successfully completing the campaign despite the current economic environment is a testament to the quality of the research and the important discoveries being made in cardiovascular disease, virology, and neurological disease.”

Donors to the campaign have established five endowed faculty positions; funded pioneering research programs involving stem cell biology, Alzheimer's disease, Huntington's disease, Parkinson's disease, and HIV/AIDS; and helped purchase state-of-the-art equipment for Gladstone's laboratories.

“We are extremely fortunate to have the support of such wonderful benefactors,” said Gladstone president Robert W. Mahley, MD, PhD. “We have earned the confidence of so many individuals and major foundations who have taken the time to visit us, meet our investigators, and understand our science. They have faith that our work will contribute to major breakthroughs in treating disease.”

Mahley noted that this milestone is remarkable for a number of reasons, including the fact that in its 30-year history, the institutes only began public outreach and fundraising in late 2004, following its move to Mission Bay. “While we were known for our science in the scientific world, we were a well-kept secret to most of the people who have come to be our strongest supporters.”

Gladstone's advisory council consists of some of the leaders in the Bay Area biotechnology and business communities. In addition to fundraising, members of the council have hosted events such as informal Science Salons in their homes, and the annual Stem Cell Luncheon, which have become key opportunities to learn about Gladstone's leading-edge research from its investigators and postdoctoral fellows.

“Everybody that I talk to knows about the Gladstone,” said William R. Hambrecht, who was an early convert to the Gladstone story. “It is so wonderful to have the Gladstone in the Bay Area.”

Established in 1979, the Gladstone Institutes is comprised of the Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease, the Gladstone Institute of Virology and Immunology, and the Gladstone Institutes of Neurological Disease. In 2006, the Gladstone Center for Translational Research was formed to translate its portfolio of discoveries into preclinical development projects through collaborations with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Gladstone is affiliated with the University of California, San Francisco, where its investigators also hold faculty appointments.