Translational Research

GladstoneThe Gladstone Center for Translational Research facilitates interactions between Gladstone scientists and the biomedical industry—including venture capitalists, biotech firms and large corporations. The Center’s primary goal is to translate the results of Gladstone’s basic science into therapeutics that help patients with cardiovascular, viral or neurological diseases. Working in concert with our intellectual property department, the Center engages with companies interested in licensing our patented technology, collaborating on research goals or launching startups. For example, this molecule-to-marketplace business unit facilitates technology transfer through collaborations with partners such as LundbeckBristol-Myers Squibb and Takeda. If you’d like to explore opportunities to partner with Gladstone, please get in touch with Stephen Freedman, PhD, our Vice President for Corporate Liaison and Ventures.


Industry Relations
S. Freedman
Stephen Freedman, PhD
Vice President for Corporate Liaison and Ventures
Phone: 415-734-2057
Fax: 415-355-0826
Intellectual Property
J. Bruland Joan V McIntyre, JD
Vice President for Intellectual Property and Legal Affairs
Phone: 415-734-2018
Fax: 415-355-0930