Scientific Advisory Board

Carol A. Barnes, PhD

Regents Professor, Psychology and Neurology
Director, Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute
Research Scientist, ARL Division of Neural Systems, Memory & Aging
University of Arizona

Fred H. Gage, PhD

Professor, Laboratory of Genetics
Vi and John Adler Chair for Research on Age-Related Neurodegenerative Diseases
Salk Institute for Biological Sciences

Richard Huganir, PhD

Professor and Director
The Solomon H. Snyder Department of Neuroscience
Brain Science Institute
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Joseph B. Martin, MD, PhD

Caroline Shields Walker Professor of Neurobiology and Clinical Neuroscience
Dean Emeritus
Harvard Medical School

Harry T. Orr, PhD

Director, Institute of Human Genetics
Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology
University of Minnesota

Richard Ransohoff, MD

Director, Neuroinflammation Research Center
The Cleveland Clinic

Dennis J. Selkoe, MD

Vincent and Stella Coates Professor of Neurologic Diseases, Department of Neurology
Co-Director, Center for Neurologic Diseases
Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Harvard Medical School