President's Council

The President’s Council is a dynamic group of Gladstone advocates and supporters dedicated to advancing our far-reaching research.

Some Council members or their loved ones have been personally affected by illness and share Gladstone’s passion and focus for curing disease. For all, however, serving on the Council offers a meaningful way to support science that impacts people’s lives.

Council members have distinguished themselves in business, philanthropy, science, medicine and the arts. Working closely with our Foundation Board, Council members lend a diversity of experience and expertise that helps fuel Gladstone’s innovative science. Council members also serve as ambassadors in the community to help raise awareness of Gladstone’s work. 


Gladstone Industry-Academia Alliance

Led by Gladstone President’s Council member Lisa Pieper, this effort sponsors several occasions each year for in-depth conversations between Gladstone scientists and senior executives from life sciences venture investor groups and biotech/pharma companies. The overarching purpose is to identify new ways to enhance cooperative interactions between academic and industry groups in finding solutions to big problems in medicine. Relationships established at these invitation-only events serve to support Gladstone’s ambition to be an exemplar and a thought leader in this regard, with positive consequences that scale to the larger community. For inquiries, please contact:
Lisa R. Pieper, MD, MBA

For information about joining our President’s Council, contact Cecily Gorfain, Major Gifts Officer, at

President’s Council 

Executive Committee

Frederick J. Dorey, Committee Chair

William D. Evers

Scott Mathews

Lisa R. Pieper, MD, MBA

Bruce F. Scharschmidt, MD

Dr. Lloyd H. Smith

Bruce W. Spaulding

Frederick G. St. Goar, MD

Daniel J. Ullyot, MD



Julie and Charles M. Atkins, DMD

Paul and Monica Bancroft

Charlyn M. Belluzzo, PhD, MBA

Edwin L. Berkowitz

Ted B. Breck

Laura A. and Bruce A. Brege

Patrick A. Cahill

Dan Carroll and Stasia Obremskey

David N. Chernoff, MD

Timothy Childs and Shelley Alger

Fred E. Cohen, MD, DPhil

Fred Craves, PhD

Peggy S. Crawford, MD

Laura Dorman

William D. Evers, Jr.

Barbara K. Finck, MD

John H.N. Fisher

Patricia W. Fitzpatrick

Rosalee M. and Thomas J. Fogarty, MD

Robert Friend

Michael Frumkin and Christina Falco

Robert J. Garland, MD

Henry Hsu, MD

David T. Hung, MD

Mary Huss

Dan Janney and Noelle Montgomery

Teke and Elizabeth Kelley

Robert C. Ketner and Leslie D. Sadler

Julius R. Krevans, MD

John Kunzweiler

Vincent R. Lozada

Linda L. and Robert W. Mahley, MD, PhD

David W. Martin, Jr., MD

Timothy A. Murray

Oleg Nodelman

Donald G. Payan, MD

H. Daniel Perez, MD

J. Misha Petkevich, DPhil

Tana B. and Michael F. Powell, PhD

Matthew G. Raggio

Stephen Richardson

Robert L. Roe, MD

William J. Rutter, PhD

John M. Sanger, JD

Philip Sanger, MD

Derek Schrier and Cecily Cameron

Mary Scrivner

Stephen A. Sherwin, MD, and Merrill Stevens Randol

Dr. Edwin M. Shonfeld

Susan E. Siegel

Elliott Sigal, MD, PhD

Mrs. Lloyd H. Smith, Jr.

Ralph Snyderman, MD

Dr. and Mrs. John L. Stauffer

Lisa Walsh

Charlotte and Claude Williams, Jr.

Jennifer S. Williams

Charles H. “Bruce” Woodward

Teresa L. Wright, MD

Charlyn Belluzzo

Scientific discovery at Gladstone is world renowned. Yet their quieter work of translational medicine—the art of guiding new science to measurable health improvement—is equally profound. Translational medicine at Gladstone is rapidly becoming a valuable intersection for research science, clinical application and today's expansive healthcare industry.
-Dr. Charlyn Belluzzo
Gladstone President's Council member
Strategic Partnerships Advisor, HopeLab Foundation