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HIV Prevention Pill Truvada Does Not Lead to Sexual Risk-taking
December 18, 2013

The HIV prevention drug Truvada does not increase risky sexual behaviour, scientists have confirmed.

Taking Drug to Prevent HIV Doesn't Seem to Encourage Risk-Taking
December 18, 2013

Should people in danger of contracting HIV because they have risky sex take a pill to prevent infection, or will the medication encourage them to take even more sexual risks? After years of debate on this question, a new international study suggests the medication doesn't lead people to stop using condoms or have more sex with more people.

Taking HIV prevention pill may not encourage risky sex - U.S. study
December 18, 2013

Taking a pill as a preventive measure against HIV infection may not encourage people at high risk for the disease to engage in risky sexual behavior, according to a new U.S. study meant to address fears about its use.

Does Truvada, The HIV-Prevention Pill, Increase Sexually Risky Behavior?
December 18, 2013

In July 2012, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Truvada, the first and only drug intended to prevent HIV infection. Now, a new study provides more proof that regular use of Truvada (emtricitabine and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate) can reduce an individual’s risk of contracting HIV by more than 90 percent. Importantly, the researchers also found that use of the pill does not equate to an increase in risky sexual behavior.

Molecular Sensor Finds Early Signs of Multiple Sclerosis in the Brain
December 11, 2013

Researchers at Gladstone Institutes in San Francisco have created a molecular sensor that can detect multiple sclerosis (MS) early. The method is so precise that MS can be tracked long before disease onset when a patient first presents with symptoms. 

New Approach To Alzheimer's Treatment Offers Hope
December 11, 2013

Health research backer Wellcome Trust awarded Dr. Robert Mahley of the Gladstone Institutes its Seeding Drug Discovery Award on Monday. The $2.5 million grant gives Mahley’s team three years to develop its novel approach to treating Alzheimer’s disease.

Gladstone founder wins grant for new approach to Alzheimer's drug
December 9, 2013

A $2.5 million grant to Gladstone Institutes senior investigator and founder Robert Mahley could help lay a new course toward an Alzheimer's disease treatment.

Sustainable Science to Promote Health in Africa
December 3, 2013

Gladstone postdoctoral fellow Stefanie Sowinski is featured in an article and video about her work in Uganda, where she helps train a new generation of African researchers in the use of science to overcome HIV/AIDS.

To truly address the HIV/AIDS pandemic, the global community must refocus on a cure and a vaccine
December 1, 2013

In an op-ed on World AIDS Day, Gladstone's Warner C. Greene outlines the dangers of a new disease known as AIDS fatigue—and suggests a course of action for its treatement.

AIDS has become manageable in the minds of many
November 30, 2013

In a San Francisco radio broadcast, Gladstone's Warner C. Greene asks the local community to once again take the lead against HIV/AIDS—this time to fight against misconceptions about our era's deadliest epidemic.