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The Gladstone Institutes is gratified to receive media attention from around the globe. Check out the highlights of recent press coverage of Gladstone scientists and research. For other news, please be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Scientists map process by which brain cells form long-term memories
July 5, 2013

University of California's Larissa Branin sits down with Gladstone's Steve Finkbeiner to discuss his latest research into learning and memory.

A Q&A With Dr. Warner Greene
July 2, 2013

EDGE presents a Q&A with Warner C. Greene, MD, PhD, director of virology and immunology research at the Gladstone Institutes in San Francisco.

Protein Key to Circadian Clocks, Sleep Cycles, and Metabolic Health
June 25, 2013

A key protein that has been linked to the body’s natural circadian clock may provide insights into how the body regulates vital metabolic functions, according to new research.

Yamanaka And ISSCR: A Short History
June 14, 2013

ISSCR President and Nobel Laureate Shinya Yamanaka, MD, PhD, describes his research career in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine.

Understanding How Brain Cells Make Long-Term Memories
June 10, 2013

Scientists from the Gladstone Institute in San Francisco now believe they’ve mapped the process by which the human brain stores long-term memories in its cells. 

Revealed – Arc, the protein which never lets you forget those good ol’ days!
June 10, 2013

According to a study reported in Nature Neuroscience, scientists from the Gladstone Institute have uncovered how a protein called Arc regulates the activity of neurons—providing much-needed clues into the brain’s ability to form long-lasting memories. 

Dysfunctions in Arc protein may be key to memory loss, scientists say
June 9, 2013

Neuroscientists have discovered more about how an important protein called Arc regulates the activity of neurons, providing vital clues into how the brain forms long-lasting memories.

Arc Protein Helps Translate Learning Into Memory
June 9, 2013

By delving into the inner workings of synapses, the junctions between brain cells, scientists have mapped how a protein called Arc helps regulate their activity to translate learning into long-term memory.

Gladstone Gala gets scientific
June 2, 2013

Wielding blowtorches and wearing lab coats, the staff at the Four Seasons Hotel passed test tubes filled with the Nobel cocktail and caramelized s'mores rolling off a conveyer belt at the recent Gladstone Gala.

AIDS Epidemic: Is an End Possible?
June 2, 2013

People at high risk for contracting HIV can now take a daily pill to prevent infection, Dr. Robert Grant, an HIV researcher at Gladstone said at a panel at the World Science Festival.